Road Trip


Hey all! This is my first time blogging but I felt that I had to keep SOMETHING as a way to remember certain things, you know? Well, if you understood that sentence, kudos to you. Because I honestly had NO idea what I just said….

I was supposed to be kept away from my ‘internet world’ for only three or so days. Unfortunately, due to some delays, we got stuck with a week. And let me tell you, a week away from internet is HORRIBLE. Especially if you’re an active user on some sites. Seriously…it’s infuriating. Well, I suppose it’s okay because I DID have fun….

So, back to my story about the Road Trip.

It all started when I opened my eyes to welcome the wonderful sunshine rays into my bedroom. Of course, I got up and slammed the damn curtains shut and slid back into my comfy bed. Then a smartass genius decided to switch off the A.C (air conditioner). I mean, I’m currently living in a country where the heat is UNBEARABLE and this smartass genius SWITCHES OFF the A.C. I mean, really?

Well, anyway, so I got up once again to switch my A.C back on when I bumped into something pretty hard and not exactly the best thing to bump into when you’re a half zombie. Yeah, I bumped into the sharp edge of a table. You see, my bed is directly opposite the A.C so when I go to bed at night, I get the full blast of super awesome cold air. And usually, there is nothing that blocks my way to the A.C.

So I had to rub my poor painful hip and look around. Apparently, some other genius decided to put a random table in the middle of the room. I mean, who would do that? Is it normal?

At any case, that’s when my slow brain registered some banging, loud noises in the hall just outside my bedroom. The type of noises that makes you want to groan and run away. The type of noises your mother makes….when she’s either renovating the house or busy packing and the bags she wants to use are all the way at the back of the store room but she’s too stubborn and wants to use those bags even though we have perfectly capable bags RIGHT AT HER FEET.

So, when I went to investigate, my mom unfortunately spotted me and instantly yelled my name to come and lift heavy bags that were possibly and most probably filled with useless crap we never even knew we had. And I’m a female. With her period. I mean….REALLY?! And my mom always told me never to lift heavy stuff when you’re on your period….*face palm*

And when we finally DID get the bags she so stubbornly wanted, I decide to inquire why we were using up all our energy –not to mention, my sleeping time— on taking out dusty bags. My dear mother gave me an evil glare and told me to put back all the useless crap she had pulled out. Well, she didn’t mention the useless crap part, but she did tell me to put everything back.

And as expected, she got distracted with cleaning the bags out and didn’t answer my question. After I finished storing the useless crap back into their should-be original positions, I hurried to my room….only to bump into ol’ daddy-o. He spotted me, in PJs and asked me why I was in them.

I gave him a confused look and told him that it’s what normal people wear to bed at night. He responded by saying that it was day time and not night. And then he said that I was confused because I didn’t know the difference between day and night. Yet again, another face palm. Don’t worry, my dad was playing around with me. Yeah, he’s like that.

And then I went to my room, hoping for a good night’s…or day’s sleep…..but then someone decided to vacuum. At this time. Early in the morning…..okay so it wasn’t very early. More like…9…10.. a.m.

So, I got worried because my kitties were sleeping in that danger zone where the vacuuming was taking place. So, I hurried to the study room (which is where the kitties and vacuuming were) and spotted our 20 year old ‘nanny’ or ‘permanent babysitter’ vacuuming. My temporary kitties were sitting on the table, watching the vacuuming taking place as though it was the most boring thing ever invented.

Well, anyway, back to the point. When I finished taking a shower and having my glorious breakfast of nothingness, my dad finally decided to fill me in. We were going somewhere, on a road trip that will take at least three days. He told me to pack and the usual…blah blah blah.

So that day, we spent all day packing and getting ready. Then something happened and my parents postponed it in two days’ time. So, two days came and we checked for any last minute packing we need to do. We slept for a couple of hours to get a good rest. We had hired a driver to take us because my dad didn’t like driving.

And you know what happened? THAT F*****D UP DRIVER STOOD US UP. He didn’t come at all. And by the time he said he wanted to come, it was far too late. My mother was crying because she really wanted to go before she got stuck at work on Saturday. Note, this is all taking place on Wednesday.

It was a horrid day for us, the road trip got cancelled, the kitties went back to their original homes AND our mom was crying. And my ten year old brother was depressed because his motor helicopter got crashed and wasn’t flying right. Yeah, who asked him to play it indoors?

Back to the point, the road trip. So, the next day, my parents finally decided to go to that place anyway and luckily, we hadn’t bothered unpacking just yet. So, in the car went all our bags and important necessities. My aunt and my uncle, with their two adorable little sons, hired a driver who actually bothered to show up. They came over and waited for us to finished loading the car.

In total, there were 14 or 13 people with us, depends if you’re including the driver.

So we split up. Three of us went with my aunt and her two adorable sons, the rest of my family (consisting of exactly 8 people excluding us three) went with my dad’s van. And off we went on our ever jolly way.

I had to sleep most of the time, so me and my younger sister (who’s a year younger than me. Nickname, Nina) squeezed into the back seat. My aunt’s driver had a van so we fit more comfortably than my family in my dad’s car. The other person from my family, ‘nanny’(Nickname, Jane) sat in the middle row with my aunt and her two sons. By the time we actually hit the road, it was half past seven at night.

We were half an hour on the road when I zonked out. Or tried to. My sister and I both tried to sleep in the last row….horizontally. So obviously we didn’t fit. In the end, my head was on her shins and her head was against the window or something.

It was not a peaceful sleep or ride. My sister was stupid and annoying and kept kicking my head and shoulders. I mean, seriously. Why would you do that?!

So, I ended up sitting half awake and staring at my sister sleep in the spot I was sleeping a few minutes ago. I was about to literally throw her off, when my aunt’s youngest boy who’s about 1 years old started laughing and making quite a ruckus. My aunt was sleeping, his brother and father was sleeping and Jane was sleeping. Plus Nina was sleeping.

So I reached over and picked him up and dragged him over the middle row seat and onto my lap in the backseat. We ended up giggling and squealing at the passing cars’ headlights. It was fun…until my aunt woke up and took him back and started feeding him. So, I was left alone to do absolutely nothing with my ever free time.

I tried to sleep. Seriously. I tried SO hard. Impossible. Nina was an extremely infuriating person to sleep with. I will never ever pick a seat or ride with her again.

We stopped a few times at gas stations. Everyone had a different bathroom break. One would go now…two would suddenly need to go once you’re like…five minutes away from the first bathroom stop. Three would want to go again in fifteen minutes. So, it was a never ending pee/bathroom cycle.

And then came the meal times. You know, dawn? Yeah, my mom, aunt and Jane are Asians. So they made everyone stop at a restaurant and ate rice. AT DAWN. IN THE EARLY MORNING.

And since me and my other sister of twelve years(Nickname, May) were hungry as well, we ordered. Not rice though. A sandwich. A kebab sandwich.

And for all those peeps who do NOT know what a kebab sandwich is, it is  some sort of bread rolled over and looks long. And it has yummy chicken and some veggies rolled in among the bread. It tasted SO good.

Well, the size was quite generous and it tasted excellent. Both May and I ordered seconds and then we ordered two more. One for Nina and another for anyone in my dad’s car. Did I mention that when the Asians stopped for rice, everyone else was forced to eat? Well, except for those sleeping. Like….Nina.

So, anyway. We finished our breakfast (well those of us who liked to eat rice at dawn in the morning) and went off on our way. At noon, the cars stopped again. This time, the members in my dad’s car were hungry, having not eaten rice with us earlier.

So we went into the restaurant and those hungry people got to eat their fill while others trooped upstairs to rest in those little motel rooms my dad booked for us. My dad and the hired driver shared a room which everyone barged in on. My favorite baby cousin, the one I was playing with (Nickname, Sif) was busy laughing and making a loud noise in the room which attracted all the kiddies. So in that tiny room for two single beds only, my dad, the driver, me, Nina, May, Sif, Jane, my mom, my aunt, my brother, my other little sister and Sif’s brother all fit in and made such a noise that the driver stormed out and went to sleep in his car.

My dad was completely oblivious to the noise having been absolutely used to the noise seeing as he had five loud children at home….

Well, anyway, my uncle (Sif’s dad) joined the ruckus and went to sleep on the vacant bed the driver had abandoned. We stayed in that little room for one hour before we hit the road yet again. This time, we changed spots. May joined me in my aunt’s car while Nina went with my dad’s.

I ended up sleeping pretty well. May was an excellent travel companion and I might actually consider travelling with her in the same seat and ride…

So by the time we reached our destination, we had taken exactly 20+ hours. Twenty two maybe? And the car drive was supposed to be only 14 hours.

It took another half an hour’s drive to get to the building we were currently staying in.

[I’m mentioning now. I have another two aunts travelling with us and my grandmother. They were all in my dad’s car. The aunt I’ll be mentioning will be called Nisa, oki?]

The best part about the hotel? Aunt Nisa had a boyfriend there. I’m honest! This isn’t a made up story. My Aunt Nisa’s ex still owns that place and before, he wanted to marry aunt Nisa. Aunt Nisa declined and he got married to someone else. LOL

So, anyway. Aunt Nisa didn’t really have to do anything……but her ex, the owner, gave us three rooms to reside in. The driver disappeared when we got the keys to our room. I never really bothered to ask about him…

Well anyway, we got our rooms even though it’s difficult to get rooms around here. And the food we got was free. LOL.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were all free food. Aunt Nisa’s ex had been so generous to give us the food and OMG, it was quite a lot. And delicious….Well anyway.

It was Thursday when we reached the hotel. I had puked out every internal organ in my body. That just shows how weak my stomach is…..

On Friday, Nina and my parents had to leave to go back home because my parents had work and Nina had tuitions. Don’t worry, they’re coming back at the weekends and then we’ll all head home together.


Diaries of the Road Trip Victim


Day 1 (Friday):

Wow. I finally had a good night’s sleep after arriving yesterday. The whole family was out until 1 a.m in the morning. Well, we had to seeing as we just arrived round about 7 p.m last night. At any case, the hotel room my family (consisting of exactly 7 members) is residing in is not really that small. They’ve arranged the beds in strange positions and somehow, seven beds were able to fit in.

As you can see in that picture our room isn’t exactly very neat. Lol. Anyway, there are about six beds in the picture. The seventh one I’m currently sitting on and taking the picture. Do you see the pink bed? On the left, near the curtains is another bed. You can’t see it though because of the bed in front of it…

My brother chose to sleep in that hidden bed.

Well anyway, this is how messy it looks when we first arrived. We dumped everything everywhere and fell asleep on the beds. If you look carefully, you’ll see a bed in front of the pink bed. I sleep there. Lol.

Well anyway, we all woke up, went out for a bit and then came back. It was about 11 am when my sister, my mom and my dad started packing. They had to go back home because my sister had tuitions and my parents had work the following Saturday. I was supposed to go with Nina to tuitions but I couldn’t stand or stomach the idea of travelling again. I hate travelling. It’s okay if I’m unconscious….at least I don’t know my surroundings…

You should know that I was pretty worried about my internet life for a bit. Because I was an active user on one of the sites and I forgot to mention that I was…er…travelling for a while. So, I sneaked my dad’s mobile while he was in the shower and checked for WiFi. Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t have WiFi because it wasn’t exactly high class….

SO, I had to use my dad’s air time money on the phone to go online. I hurried through to the site and quickly informed them. I had to rush through it because my parents and Nina were leaving in like…5 mins. And the internet was crappy.

When I finally did get through and explained my situation through brief and quick words…I noticed as I sent it that it had loads of spelling and grammatical errors (cringe). I was upset at that.

So anyway, I finished informing my whereabouts, deleted the history and headed back to my room. My parents were just about to leave. My dad took the mobile from me (he noticed!) and we all exchanged hugs and goodbye’s.

So, first night without my parents and Nina. Ought to be fun, right?

Day 2 (Saturday):

OMG. I’m getting attacked by all these damn mosquitoes! What the hell do they put in this room? A mosquito attracter? Sadly, none of the people sharing this room with me is having any problems with the mosquitoes. I’m the only one. Well, I always knew I had the sweetest blood. I mean, I’m the nicest out of all of them!

My parents and Nina have already left and it’s about 6:30pm. Well, time to head off out now.


Urgh! Horrid! My legs are BURNING. And these damn mosquitoes WONT LEAVE ME ALONE!

Seriously! I got mosquito bites all over my right arm and foot! Plus somehow, mosquito bites on my THROAT! I swear, the mosquitoes are trying to be vampires! Aunt Nisa gave me some ointment for both my legs and insect bites and somehow, they did cool down and didn’t hurt as much…

As I was showering after rubbing some of the ointment (I’m so stupid, I forgot I had ointment on me when I went to shower), I noticed that I had a icky, ugly bruise on my knee. How I got that is a mystery to me….

I found another bruise on my shoulder. At least it was less icky…

So, as I was in the shower, enjoying the feel of the water….I suddenly realized that we had no shampoo. I mean, really? So, I had to quickly dry off and put on the dirty clothes I already wore! I couldn’t exactly parade in my towel could I?

So, I headed off to Aunt Nisa’s room which, thankfully, was right next door. I borrowed the shampoo and took a glorious shower. After I was ready for bed, I noticed that my notebook was looking far too tempting. So, I opened it and started drawing…

And then I stopped. May offered to let me use her net-book so that I could write down the novel…

 I’m seriously lucky that May thought to bring her little net book laptop. Now, I can totally concentrate on writing my novel and actually writing this all down in Microsoft Document thingy.

Geez. I can’t take this anymore. I’m dying from all this itchiness! See ya!

Day 3 (Sunday):


*2:16 a.m*

I’M SICK AND I CAN’T SLEEP. Yeah, what an odd way to start. Anyhoo, I’ve caught a flu and now my throat hurts like anything! I think that sleeping with soaking wet hair in front of the A.C isn’t exactly the best idea.

And I ran out of clothes to wear. Apparently, my mom had taken away all my pairs of dirty clothes to wash and I hadn’t noticed until it was too late. Now, I’m currently wearing Nina’s PJ’s. Thank God we’re the same size!

Anyway, last night, we went shopping for like…four hours. From 8 P.M to…like… We got lost about a hundred times! It was just three of us, May, my ten year old brother and me.  We had fun, though…

Well, throat’s hurting like a bitch and I can’t concentrate. Will blog after I sleep. Night…or morning.

*9:49 P.M*

Hey again! We went on a little tour at about….4 PM and we went to see a few sacred places. It was pretty awesome….

When we got back to our hotel, my flu got worse than ever. My throat and nose felt like they closed up and I coughed every time I spoke. I think I’m not supposed to talk…. Fate must really hate me or something. Anyway, and there are now MORE insect bites on me. I mean, really? Couldn’t they pick someone else?

Well, anyway. I’m currently going to type down the next chapters of my novels and get it done and over with. Hopefully, I’ll get to finish one of my novels completely while I’m here…sick in bed…with tissues surrounding me. *Sigh* Cruel world, isn’t it?

Well, until next time….tata dahhlings!

Day 4 (Monday)

*12:48 PM*

I almost ran out of clothes. Seriously. Well, almost. I was about to parade about in a towel….

Lucky thing the clothes came back from the laundry a few minutes ago! So, now, I’m finally dressed and clean and human again. My flu’s gotten a bit better, though I’m still coughing a lot.

But the insect bites…HAVE NOT IMPROVED AT ALL.

In fact, I’ve gained about…five new mosquito bites! That was the last straw! I’m SO going to go and buy HUNDREDS of mosquito repellent coils and kill off those damn blood sucking tiny monsters! I mean, I’m sleeping there…so innocently….YET THEY ATTACK ME!

Whatever. Anyway, I’m sitting on my bed, enjoying the breeze of the A.C and trying to think if I should study or not….

Neat, isn’t it? I honestly didn’t arrange it that way. It’s utterly messy and it’s all sitting on the left side of me.  I mean, I feel like I WANT to study….but when I look at the book, I feel bored and try to find something else to entertain me. And my exams are coming up in October! Jeeeeeez!

To study…or not to study….That is NOT really a question. Oh BUGGER!

Well, anyway. I think I should seriously go study now. It IS important for my education….

Okay, I got an idea. I’ll first finish off a chapter of my novel and THEN I’ll try to study…like…two chapters of horrible math.

Good plan, isn’t it? Well, yeah.

Until later then! See yaaaa!

*Some time later*

Okay, Im not sure what time it is right now….so yeah. Well anyway, today was a great day. I managed to achieve everything I wanted to at Destination X! I mean, it’s amazing! I was so happy….

And about the study thingy…? Yeah, I did only like…one chapter. No, not even one. Half a chapter.

And I got an additional FOUR more mosquito bites. BUT I CANT FIND THE DAMN CREATURES!

Good thing that happened today is that my uncle got me some cough syrup and it helped a lot. Thank Goodness!

SO anyway, we had our dinner and the usual routine and blah blah blah. Well, anyway, we got to go and `pack because we’re going to spend FOUR days in Destination Y. Yeah, we’re leaving Destination X and going to Destination Y for exactly FOUR days!

Well, see you there….or not. Well, tata!

Day 5 (Tuesday)

*10:23 PM*

Ah geez. I hate hate hate this! We’ve been on the road since….4 PM! I feel sick, my throat hurt and the damn mosquito bites are itchy! I think a few of them are going to stay on my skin as scars….dang it! And we didn’t bring an ointment strong enough to get rid of the marks. Great, isn’t it?

My uncle had gotten me a medicine bottle for my cough just yesterday and today, some guy was helping us with the baggage and dropped the bag my medicine was in. So, my bottle fell out and broke. There goes my cough medicine…*sob sob-tear tear*

Too tired to think of anything to write so….I’m just gonna eat dinner, brush my teeth and get into bed.

Night all!

Day 6 (Wednesday)

*3:02 PM*

I just found out the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Remember those mosquitoes I was ranting about? Yeha, it turned out that they weren’t actually mosquitoes…..they were BED BUGS.

*insert scream here*

I am completely horrified and disgusted and depressed. I SLEPT on a bed that had BED BUGS and every night, May used to say ‘Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite’. THAT WAS A CURSE! I got…bites from the bed bugs! EEEWWW!

I am NEVER going to stay in that hotel EVER again!


Time to distract myself by….writing…..*sob*

Day 9 (Saturday)

*9:03 AM*

Okay, What happened in the past two days were the worst ever days POSSIBLE. I’m not even going to bother blogging that! It’s bad enough I keep dreaming about that scary incident.

Anyway, I’m finally home! Yaaay!

Well, time to get writing and posting! I’ve missed my internet life so much!

Until, next timeeee!